“What you are doing is both challenging and exciting… You are truly inspirational and will do great things.”

Paul Jackson, Former Head of ITV and owner of Eyeworks

“I really enjoyed your film. You have amazing drive to get projects like this off the ground and see them all the way through to completion. Proper respect to you!”

Jim Sayer, Managing Director, Maverick Television

“One of the most moving, powerful and entertaining documentaries I’ve seen.”

Danny Cohen, BBC One Controller

“I loved the film. It has a lot of heart. A massive achievement and a bold statement.”

James Collier, Commissioning Editor, Discovery Channel

“I really enjoyed the film and admired what you set out to do. It’s a warm and lively documentary and you certainly care a lot about the characters….”

David Flynn, MD, Brighter Pictures

“I was deeply moved….Magical.”

Robert Young, BAFTA award-winning director

“I had the privilege of meeting some of the young people from this project at a cinema screening of the completed documentary film. It was evident not only how much they had gained and benefited from the experience, but how much respect and love they all had for Sadie and how she… had transformed their lives.”

Niall Fraser, Founding Director, Maverick TV and BBC One Director

“I LOVE the doc [The Bipolar Express]. Full of your character, it’s engaging, funny and enlightening – an enthralling piece.”

Hugh Chiverton, Head of English Language Programming, Radio Television Hong Kong

“The Bipolar Express is a 30-minute roller coaster ride through the euphoric highs and debilitating lows of the bipolar mind. Produced and presented by Sadie Kaye, the documentary gives an enlightening account of what it means to live with bipolar disorder. The judges noted the clever use of effects to envelop listeners in the bipolar experience, and that the production peaked interest, engages, raises questions and definitely holds attention.”

Association For International Broadcasting

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