Mental Ideas Podcast

The Mental Ideas Podcast is a weekly podcast in which filmmaker and RTHK presenter Sadie Kaye (Bipolar Express, As Bad As It Gets, Miss Adventure) takes a humorous look at innovative approaches to tackling mental health. She’ll be performing bold social experiments and discussing the results with an eclectic mix of guests from the worlds of film, entertainment, politics, the arts and charity.

Featuring regular slots by gentleman juggler and showman extraordinaire Mat Ricardo, filmmaker and actor Raffaello DeGruttola, award-winning cartoonist Larry Feign and artist-activist Charlotte Farhan.

A collaboration between Mental Ideas and RTHK, the series will broadcast weekly on RTHK Radio 3 with longer versions and filmed ‘extras’ broadcast on Mental Ideas’ platform. The podcast launches in 2019!

Got a mental idea? Want to appear as a guest on the Mental Ideas Podcast? Get in touch!

Mental Ideas Podcast on IMDb

Mental Ideas Podcast on Mental Ideas

Mental Ideas Podcast on IMDb